Latin: an open space to observe and explore
Moving Forward on what matters to you

What is coaching?

It is a confidential conversation

between client and coach.


You drive the agenda and we provide perspective and insight through questioning and reflection.


We help you move from where you are, 

to where you want to be.

  • Develop your effectiveness as a leader 
  • Advance your career 
  • Navigate road blocks
  • Live with your core values
  • Realise more wellbeing with work life integration
  • Thrive through change
  • Manage self confidence/imposter syndrome/prevent burnout


We help you to set goals and devise a workable plan to achieve them.


What do you Want?

How we work?

Coaches Role

We hold the coaching process so that you can focus on getting your desired results. We ask you questions, offer perspective and provoke new ways of thinking and acting. We offer you trust, challenge and support.


Your Role

To reflect, imagine and think freely, drawing upon your resourcefulness and choose actions to get you where you want. Imagine what you can achieve with the support and accountability that comes from someone 100% focused on helping you achieve your goals?


What Coaching Is Not

Coaching isn't counselling. Counselling analyses past issues whereas coaching looks at how to achieve your desired outcome. 

Coaching isn't teaching, mentoring or consulting as these roles all assume that guidance or knowledge is given by someone who knows you or your role, better than you know yourself.


We believe that you have the answers.

Part of our job is to work alongside you to unlock them. 

Your path to change and success...


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